Busy learning

December 4, 2008 at 4:10 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Macen has been very busy learning this month. He is still “counting” alot. We count everything. He is also learning his alphabet, mainly the phonics. He loves his leapfrog fridge set and has started repeating the sounds of letters. I also point out letters on my shirts so he will do the same. He also likes to turn in circles alot these days. Sometimes he falls while doing and sometimes it doesn’t happen until he stops and he is dizzy. Macen still dances alot. In fact, he dances to sound of water when it suits him. He has danced to the faucet in the tub while his bath was filling up and to the hose outside. One day we were taking a walk and he heard a gas line flag flapping in the wind, he stopped to dance to it. You gotta love the way they think at this age.




He still loves coloring. When I mention it, he runs for the kitchen table and climbs up on the chair. I introduced painting to him and he loved it! I think his favorite was playing in the water with the brush though. He started playing hide ‘n seek or I guess I hide and he comes to find me. We’ve played this long enough now, I’ve had to find new spots to hide. The pic below is his face when he finds me. He also cracks up when I jump out from behind something and scare him. We also started playing ring around the rosy.


Parents as Teachers did their developmental assessment on him and he did great. She was impressed he could stack 8 blocks for her. She said they look for him to be able to do 3 at this age and don’t even think about 8 until after he is 2. He has also started lining things and she said that was great. It is preparing him to read as we read in a line. I didn’t know that so I thought it was pretty interesting. He is saying the amount of words he should be saying. The only thing he is “behind” in was taking off clothes. And well, I can’t say I am too terribly upset about that. You always hear stories of kids taking off their clothes when they should be wearing them and I am glad we don’t have that problem…yet (I should throw that in there so I don’t jinx myself).
We have entered into negotiations at mealtimes. Once he is ready to get down from the table and I can ask him to eat 1 or 2 more bites of something and he is happy to do so. How long do you think that will last? And do you want to know how he eats strawberries now? He bites off the tip of each one, lines them up next to his plate and then goes back and eats them later. Quirky kid!

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