Some sort of sickness

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July 16, 2008


 Not a flattering picture (he’ll hate me for posting it) but here is the story. Macen has been battling something, what we don’t know. He started last week with a high fever and throwing up, followed by 2 days of a low fever. He wasn’t eating much, really cranky and not sleeping much for naps. He did great on Friday but then went back to crankiness, not sleeping well for naps, started waking in the night and coughing. I took him to the doc on Monday. He found swollen lymph nodes in his neck and underarms so he thought maybe mono or chicken pox. He did get a total of 5 spots randomly since last Tues. Since the doctors visit he has started coughing alot and got a runny nose. I’m suppose to take him back at the end of the week if he isn’t better for a mono test. So I have no clue what is going on because none of the symptoms are consistent for just 1 sickness. Basically, he is just a mess 🙂 He has done really well with naps today so maybe he is kicking this thing. If it is chicken pox, I will probably never know if it is and if we have passed that horrible childhood disease. I’ve dreaded chicken pox in my kids before I even had kids.

As for the pic above, the real story of the crying is that he put a bottle of bubbles down the tube of his toy – you can see the the long purple bottle. I have now taken that toy almost completely apart 3 times to get things out of it that aren’t suppose to be in there. He loves it – putting things in there and me taking it apart! But any little thing sets off a hysterical fit of tears and/or crying with him not felling well.


 It hasn’t been all bad though. He is still playing and laughing and running around and giving kisses. (I forgot to ask the doc if it is mono if he could pass it to me) But I’ve already been exposed so I’ll just keep asking for the irresistible kisses.



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