17 months

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October 3, 2008


The last picture is of Macen jumping from the top of the sofa. He has started hiding his cars behind the curtain and then climbs to the top of the sofa to get them. Amazing how he can get them behind the curtain from standing on the sofa but has to climb on top to retrieve them šŸ™‚ Normally he just kinda stumbles down from the top but this time he was brave enough to jump.

Macen has been a sponge with signing lately. Those are the only books he wants to read most days. He can now do all gone, ice cream, his version of apple and banana and eat. He can also do please but this one came with little prompting. I had signed it maybe twice for him then one night I asked him to do something and said please with it. Suddenly he signed please to me. We had done it so little that I had to check the book to make sure it was right. He is also saying alot more words. He is repeating ateast 1 word a day to me – some clear some not but I know he is trying to copy me. He is even putting 2 words together. He says ‘got it’ or ‘did it’ alot. And the other day he attempted ‘live there’ and did a pretty good job at it.

His new like for last month are sneezes. He thinks its funny when one of us sneezes. So after I do a real one I will follow up with some fake ones to make him laugh some more. Then he tries to sneeze and all he can muster is closed, squinted eyes with a wrinkled nose and gritted teeth but no sound. It’s really cute and I’m trying to get a pic of it (the second pic above is as close as I’ve gotten so far). He has also learned he can do fake coughs that he finds entertaining. Macen is also getting pretty good using a spoon and fork with meals and snacks and I have recently introduced using a plate to him. He has done pretty well with that as well. Now, if only I could get him to eat better.


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