15 months

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August 2, 2008

Macen has finally reached 20 lbs – 20.3 to be exact (and 30 in tall). So he is now a forward facing tot in his carseat. The doctor we saw did express some concern about his low weight. She did give me some ideas to get him to eat more so we’ll see how it goes. Speaking of eating, he LOVES strawberries. I lost count as to how much he was eating but if I had to guess… atleast 10lbs. Did I mention he LOVES them? He also took some bites out of a fresh nectarine and enjoyed it. Macen was down to one bottle for most of June and within the first week of July he was completely switched to sippy’s. It was a really easy transition so that was a relief. Macen now has 11 teeth. Last month was a crazy teething month. Poor guy!

Macen has spent the last month climbing more or trying to climb. Myles ended up on top of the armiore and Macen was convinced he could climb the side of it to reach him. He started practicing his ball throwing skills. Unfortunately, he also throws them in the house. Macen discovered his artistic skills as you can see in the pic above. I brought out the crayons and he loves coloring. He also mastered some signing in the last month. He can sign more, dog, bird, fish, hat and telephone.

We are still spending alot of time outside – taking walks, playing on the slide, going across the bridge, and playing in the pool. He spends more time in the pool if he is dressed in regular clothes though. Not so much when I put his trunks on. He is getting good at holding my hand when I request it. The other night we took a walk around the “block” (it’s kinda more like a triangle) in front of our house and he held my hand almost the entire time and walked it all. I was prepared to put him on my shoulders but he was a trooper.



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