Christmas morning

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Macen wasn’t interested in opening his gifts at first but he was beyond excited each time James unwrapped something for him. He made this face each time.


He wasted no time crawling into his dump truck.


He finally got interested in opening a present.



Merry Christmas!

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Macen says Merry Christmas!


Christmas Eve Day Sledding

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We still have snow on the ground from last week so we got Macen out on the sled. He loved it and so did James!

Texas trip

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zoo56zoo54zoo29zoo15zoo9We headed to TX for a vacation after James being gone for a year. Since we missed our annual Thanksgiving day game, James thought being at the last game ever in Texas Stadium would be the next best thing. Some of our military family joined us from WA for a day at the Dallas Zoo and the game.

Macen was not a happy camper starting off our trip and then to be completely thrown off schedule with his sleep = not a pretty sight. We had several late nights and Macen didn’t adapt well. He was fantastic the 3 times we needed him to be – for both flights and at the game. The other times – steer clear of the toddler. He did have the freedom of running around at the zoo playing with Marti and giving Chris kisses.


As James mentioned the game did not go as wanted but we had a great time. Macen played for most of the game. He loved all the loud music, screaming and watching people. He fell sleep the last part of the 3rd quarter and slept the rest of the game.


We had bought tickets to see the ICE exhibit at the Gaylord Texan Resort and had planned on seeing all the Christmas activities they had going on. There was Mrs. Claus with live reindeer, a life size gingerbread house, etc. We got in line to get to the line to enter the exhibit and Macen was beyond hysterics. I have never seen him so miserable (Misty, he was worse than after the game if you can believe that). Needless to say there was no way we were going to take him into a confined space of 9 degrees with lots of other people. So we decided to leave and wouldn’t you know as we are winding thru the resort to get to the car, Macen is as happy as can be. So Macen, if you are reading this 15 yrs from now, you have heard this story hundreds of times and will probably hear it another hundred times. Thanks for making us throw away $40 😉 And just so you know, you didn’t get out of it – we’re taking you back next year. Love you little guy!

Balls, balls, balls

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We had a snow day last week so we brought out the balls for some indoor entertainment. We filled his swimming pool up and Macen and Daddy had an afternoon of fun.

We survived!!

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This is James, just letting everybody know that we have survived our whirlwind trip to Texas for the football game. While for the most part things things went well, other than the outcome of the football game, I have learned one thing…….use birth control. So for those of you anticipating, or thinking we should add another child to our family…….FAT CHANCE !!!!!!!!!! 🙂 Macen is more than a handful and I don’t think I want to take the chance that we’ll have another one that turns out just as ornery as he is.

With that said Shantel will have pictures from the airplane ride, airport, the Dallas Zoo, and the football game up in the next couple of days. Unfortunately there will be no pictures from the Gaylord Texan ICE! display…..see the above paragraph for the reason.

Happy Holidays everyone.

You light up our life

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As I mentioned before, he loves the lights. I had an extra strand out for him to play with for a few days. Mostly he just wanted to stick the bulbs in the vent. Haha!

Tree helper

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Macen enjoyed helping us set up the tree. His favorite part was when we turned the lights on. His face lit up and now he reminds us to turn them on daily. And everytime they come on, he says “Awww”. He has done really good with the tree too. Right after we got done with the ribbon and ornaments, he started taking all the ornaments off by handfuls but we told him they needed stay on the tree. He has pretty much left them alone since. He does like to touch them a couple of times a day but they stay on.

The furry people say Merry Christmas

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Even the cats in the holiday spirit. They love the tree – climbing it, sleeping under it, playing with the round ornaments and this year hiding under it from Macen.

He’s home!!!

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Welcome Home James. We missed you a ton!

James came home on Saturday. Macen went to him immediately and has been showering him with kisses since. He also follows James everywhere around the house which is really funny because he doesn’t do that to me very often. James has had to work (out process) everyday since he has been home. Hopefully that will be over soon and he can relax and get some down time. It’s a huge relief to have him home and safe.
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