14 months

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June 27, 2008

Macen has become quite the talker this past month. Some days I have no idea what we talk about 🙂 He has said diaper (or iaper), done and thank you. Other than that, just a whole lot of jabbering going on.
Bathtime has gotten a little more entertaining. As soon as I undress him, he takes off running from me. We have a streaker! He thinks it’s hilarious and of course I indulge him and chase him. Occassionally he will now run from me at other times throughout the day.
He’s starting to take directions well. I can tell him it’s time to change his diaper and he runs to his room. I can tell him it’s bathtime and he runs to the bathroom. I can tell him it’s time for mommy’s shower and he runs for the exersaucer (he knows he gets puffs and his sippy). He has also come to express his expectations. Anytime he gets in his stroller, he wants the cup holder filled with snacks. I started doing this as a distraction and apparently now it’s mandatory. I always bring a sippy with us to the store in case he gets fussy but now he expects it as soon as he gets in the cart.
As the previous post mentions, he has started climbing.
Macen has also started to entertain himself with his reflection. When we are outside he can see his reflection in the sliding door so he sits there and jabbers to himself or plays with a toy and watches himself. He also realized he can see himself in the clean out in the tub. So he watches himself play while in the tub as well.
His new favorite food is brats and pickles. He also likes the taste of lemon juice. We have the squirt kind in the frig so he’ll snatch it up and I give him a squirt. He makes the appropiate sour face and then wants more.
He is holding strong at 19lbs and something- according to the vet scales anyway. We have been there so much in the last month, he may start thinking it’s his new home.
Another fun month with the little guy!



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