9 months old

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January 31, 2008

Macen has had another big month. He started off the new year by saying dada. A couple of weeks later he started saying mama and a bunch of other sounds. Usually he just plays and jabbers but when he wants to have a ‘serious’ talk with toys or books, he uses a deep grunt with a very serious face.
He got his two top teeth this month and those were not fun. They brought more pain than the bottom ones. Around that time, he realized he could use his teeth to eat. So I got him baby mum mums and he loves them. He also started refusing solid food so we went to puffs and cheerios only. He has enjoyed feeding himself. I’ve slowly started to reintroduce solid food again. I have finally accepted that he is just a snacker. I thought that would change when I got him sleeping thru the night (Yipee!) but no such luck. So he eats all day it seems. On a positive note, I have finally stopped pumping. I have enough milk frozen for him until he is a year old, maybe longer. I had forgotten what its like to not be attached to a machine every 3 hrs.
Macen has gotten brave in the tub and has started playing on his tummy occassionally. I’ve started a little bit of sign language with him which he thinks is funny. I probably should have started it when he was 5 months old and mimicing itsy bitsy spider but I didn’t. He does try to mimic some gestures I do as well as words I say.
Macen is still as active as ever. He likes when I lay on the floor and he can crawl over me and then back the other way. A couple of weeks ago he started taking steps. It was always just a few steps to reach me or the sofa. He wasn’t showing any interest in actual walking on his own but last weekend he started walking. James and I were both early walkers so we were thinking Macen would follow in our footsteps. And he hasn’t wasted anytime taking on more than he can handle. He thinks he is ready to run. He falls often as he gets in a hurry and starts breathing heavy thru his nose and mouth in excitement.
He gets to hear a story from daddy every night. James recorded stories before he left (thanks for the idea Misty) so we listen to one every night before bed and I go thru the story book with him. He recognized James’ voice when we started about a month ago. I also got a poster of James for Macen to say goodnight to. He has always smiled really big when he sees “daddy” and last night he leaned toward it for James to kiss him.
This is such a fun age as Macen continues to learn at leaps and bounds. We are so amazed with him.

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