11 months old

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April 3, 2008

Macen is getting more entertaining by the day. He got a new tooth last month. He has started shaking his head yes alot. I can ask alot of funny questions and always get a yes from him. I guess its better than a no. He has become interested in anything going on ontop of the stove. He wants to watch so he now gets daily cooking lessons. Hopefully he will be a good cook like his dad. Macen also found his shadow the other day and that was hilarious. First he saw his arms and legs moving. Then he moved his fingers and watched them move on the floor. He has gotten lots of outdoor time and has taken to picking grass.

On a downside, he has already started biting. Sometimes its due to teething but mostly its when he is angry or frustrated. He may have gotten the impatience from me 🙂

We have had a rough week with Macen spiking a fever Friday. I took him to the doctor Monday where he was subject to a catheter for a urine sample, blood work and an xray only to be told everything was fine. We got back home and his fever finally went away only to have a rash appear all over his body on Tuesday. So back to the doctor Wednesday where they confirmed he had Roseola. They claim Roseola babies are rarely crabby. Well Macen had a complete personality change. I held him nonstop when he hardly ever lets me hold him and even then he would break into screaming/crying fits. He has gotten back to his happy natured self for the most part. The only good thing that came from the doctors appts is that I found out how much he weighs. He is currently 17lbs 13 oz.


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