10 months old

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March 3, 2008

Macen is quite the walker now and is starting to run. He usually walks with his hands straight up in the air or with is chest puffed out. It’s adorable! We had a nice day the other day so I let him walk from the truck to the front door. It took awhile to get there but he made it without any trouble (other than him stopping to play with the tail hitch for a bit). He has also learned to make a clicking sound with his tongue so he does that as he is walking around.

Macen got 2 more teeth on the top so he’s up to 6 chompers now. His eating has improved a great deal in the last 2 weeks and he loves cheese crumbles. I started him on a sippy cup in January and he now drinks out of it like a pro – except a little water that dribbles down the front of his shirt. I suspect some of that is extra saliva as he chews on the sippy spout. I think he’s teething some more.
We went to a playgroup a few weeks ago and Macen loved it. Unfortunately playgroup is during his naptime so we will have to work around that until he goes to 1 nap a day. I think Macen and Myles are going to be buddies as Macen continues to grow. Myles doesn’t let many people touch him so when Macen gets close he takes off. Recently, Myles as been up on the end table or something higher than Macen and Macen has tried to touch him. In which Myles starts swatting at Macen (Myles just ends up swatting at the air and he is declawed). Macen thinks its funny to see his paw move and giggles at him. And despite Myles not liking to be touched by many people, he loves being chased by anyone. Today, they started what I can imagine will be a daily game of cat and Macen.
And the crazy hair pic occurs after he has slept hard during a nap. This little guy is in need of a haircut!

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