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May 1, 2008






Our bouncing baby boy is now a high energy toddler! Unbelieveable! This past month has been super busy for us. James came home the beginning of the month and Macen got his first haircut. I was hoping it would stop all the ‘oh what a beautiful little girl’ comments but it hasn’t. Once they find out he is a boy, they say we are lucky to have such a beautiful boy and we’ll be in trouble when he is older.

Macen is 19.6 lbs (5th percentile) and 28.5 in (25th percentile).

Macen’s latest milestone is that he can stack 3 blocks/cups together. His new favorite color is orange (it was previously red). We are slowly transitioning to the sippy full time. Silly colds are getting in the way and he still has about a month supply of breastmilk left so I’m not too worried until then. He has started the game of throwing all the toys out of the bathtub to see how many times I will throw them back in for him. Macen tried some new foods while James was home including small raw onion pieces which he loved and guacamole. He loves pasta but doesn’t like any form of bread. His new indulgence is M&M’s.

It has been an amazing year for us. We are incredibly lucky and blessed to have Macen in our lives.


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