We’re homeowners!!

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When we got to Ft Riley, we quickly realized we weren’t going to find a home to rent. We were going to have to buy. This is something we did not want to do considering we were going to be there less than 2 years. However, with James deploying to Iraq, I wanted a safe place to live for Macen and myself. So here’s how our search went in a nutshell:

Friday (April 14th) – house hunted, found nothing and that evening James kept saying we were going to have to buy

Saturday – house hunting in Junction City to buy  – found some houses that offered immediate move in and was exactly what we needed being 38 weeks pregnant, James called the bank that afternoon and we were approved

Sunday – decided we’d rather buy/live in Manhattan, attended some open houses and found one we liked

Monday – made an offer and asked that we were allowed to move in immediately due to a baby arriving soon, all terms were agreed upon

Tuesday – signed a contract that we would close on May 8th

Wednesday (April 18th) – movers delivered all our household goods.

My biggest fear was we wouldn’t find a place, the movers would get here and without a house they woud have to put our stuff in storage. Once that is done, it’s atleast a week before they can get your stuff to you when you give them an address to deliver to. The baby would be here by then! But we slid by that. So I like to say we were forced into buying a house. While that may not be completely true since we did have a few choices to rent (they were in pretty old condition and/or surrounded by college kids), I call it like I see it.

So we closed on our first home May 8th and we became offical homeowners


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