3 months old

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July 30, 2007
It’s hard to believe he is already 3 months old. My baby no longer thinks he is a baby – he won’t just lay in your arms. If you attempt to lay him that way, he will try to pull himself up. He is now rolling from tummy to back. And he wants to roll over so badly some days. It’s fun to watch him try so hard. He is a pretty happy guy often giving us squeals of delight and lots of smiles.  Macen loves to stand on our legs. He has quite the leg muscles. He is already a fan of Baby Beethoven, particularly the dog puppet. It makes sound effects like mommy and pops up from the bottom of the screen.  And he is a serious eater – he wants it quickly and don’t even think about taking it away before he is completely done. Once he is done, dessert follows with some loud sucking on his fists.
We didn’t have a doctors appt this month but he continues to grow. He is starting to fit into 0-3 mo clothes better. Most of them are still pretty big on him though. He is sleeping great at night and I am only getting up with him once.

2 months old

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June 30, 2007
Macen is growing so much and so fast. He is now 10lbs 14 oz and 22 inches. He did great with his shots, only crying for a short bit afterwards. Mom and dad did well also with no shedding of tears.
Macen showed us how strong he was on the 4th of July. I had him sitting against me facing outward and he used my fingers to pull himself forward off my chest. I was shocked and he kept doing it. We started swaddling Macen this month and boy has it been effective. I wouldn’t say he has colic but he is pretty fussy so the swaddling helps. He smiles when we start swaddling him up. We had a pretty busy month with visitors and Macen’s first trip to the zoo.
Macen went to the zoo with cousins Brianna, Jenna, Hailee, Brylie and Skylar. It was the middle of July and super hot. He slept most of the morning and then I kept him in the stroller for the rest of the time since the sun was scorching. I had a spray bottle of water I occassionally sprayed him with to keep him cool. It seemed to work. We hope to take Macen to a zoo every year.

1 month old

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May 30, 2007

Has it been a month already?! Macen has made a couple of trips to MO to see family.


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We had Macen baptized on May 27, 2007 at Our Lady Of Lourdes in Columbia, MO. He did great and didn’t cry when he had water poured on him. We asked Jennifer, Ed and Jeff to be his godparents.

Our newborn

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 James’ way of seeing if Macen was hungry. Macen just sucked away.

 We did alot of this when not feeding or changing diapers.

Mommy’s photo shoot

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We took Macen to a professional photographer and I wasn’t really impressed with the results. So it inspired me to do my own at home. Macen was 12 days old

We’re homeowners!!

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When we got to Ft Riley, we quickly realized we weren’t going to find a home to rent. We were going to have to buy. This is something we did not want to do considering we were going to be there less than 2 years. However, with James deploying to Iraq, I wanted a safe place to live for Macen and myself. So here’s how our search went in a nutshell:

Friday (April 14th) – house hunted, found nothing and that evening James kept saying we were going to have to buy

Saturday – house hunting in Junction City to buy  – found some houses that offered immediate move in and was exactly what we needed being 38 weeks pregnant, James called the bank that afternoon and we were approved

Sunday – decided we’d rather buy/live in Manhattan, attended some open houses and found one we liked

Monday – made an offer and asked that we were allowed to move in immediately due to a baby arriving soon, all terms were agreed upon

Tuesday – signed a contract that we would close on May 8th

Wednesday (April 18th) – movers delivered all our household goods.

My biggest fear was we wouldn’t find a place, the movers would get here and without a house they woud have to put our stuff in storage. Once that is done, it’s atleast a week before they can get your stuff to you when you give them an address to deliver to. The baby would be here by then! But we slid by that. So I like to say we were forced into buying a house. While that may not be completely true since we did have a few choices to rent (they were in pretty old condition and/or surrounded by college kids), I call it like I see it.

So we closed on our first home May 8th and we became offical homeowners

The birth of Macen

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We made our move from CO when I was 38 wks pregnant. So we wanted to quickly find a house and get it set up before the little guy arrived. And we did just that (see the next post). We had a little over a week of waiting for him to arrive. James got me walking on my due date (a Thursday) – 2 1/2 miles to be exact. He thought I should be able to do more and I thought he was crazy. Never mind that was the most exercise I had done my entire pregnancy and I was nearly 40 lbs heavier.

We got massages (Friday), left town (you’re not suppose to go very far in case you go into labor) in the hopes doing something we weren’t suppose to do would trigger labor (Saturday) and finally going all out (Sunday). We went to church and prayed for his arrival, did a little unpacking/heavy lifting, ate some spicy food, and drank a little wine to relax. I woke up in the early am of April 30h to contractions. It was about 2:45 am and contractions varied but were typically 6-8 min apart. I got up awhile later to shower and then went back to bed. I wanted to labor at home for as long as possible. We called the hospital at 7am with a question and they instructed us to come in. We had a 30 min drive and as soon as we got in the car, contractions were 3-4 min apart. Once we got to the hospital, they checked me and said I was 0% effaced and dilated to a 5. I was impressed and thought it might go fast from there. I took the pain for as long as I could and asked for an epidural at 11:30am. I don’t remember much else of the day other than my family coming around 4pm or so. At 5:30 they said I was fully dialted and it was time to start pushing. I pushed for about 45 mins or so. Macen’s heartrate dropped so they suggested a break and to allow for a shift change in nurses.  Once everyone was ready to go again, I pushed for another 2 hrs before requesting a c-section. The doctor had determined he was coming down facing up instead of down. So it would be harder for him to get thru the canal and he just wasn’t progressing any through the pushing. I was hurting and tired by then so a c-section seemed to be the only way he was coming.

Macen was born April 30th at 10:50pm. He weighed 7lbs 9oz and was 20 in long.

Our most memorable moments in the hospital. I nursed Macen as soon as I got back to the room. He nursed great and soon as he was done, he put his hand in his mouth and started sucking away. It was so loud and he sounded like Tigger does when he bounces on his tail. The nurses thought it was so funny. He had all of us laughing. And the morning after Macen was born, James scooped him up and sat with him in front of the tv giving him his first sports lesson. I believe they were talking about baseball and James gave Macen the lowdown on particular teams.

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