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We found out on August 22, 2006 that I was pregnant. While we were planning for a pregnancy, it took us both by surprise given how quickly it happened. James was living at Ft. Riley, KS while I held down the house in Colorado Springs. He had been coming home once a month and I guess he came home the right time in August, lol. James was beyond estatic and it was so fun listening to him be so excited. While I was excited, I remained in shock for a good month. Not to mention our lives were going to change but my body was about to make an amazing transformation. I couldn’t get over that a baby would be growing inside of me.

I had the typical morning sickness complete with throwing up several times a week. I couldn’t believe the amount of food I needed to consume to make me feel okay. I had a strict schedule I had to follow or the tummy let me know it was not happy. I ate breakfast by 7:30, a snack at 10am, lunch at noon, a snack around 2, another snack at 4 before I left work, dinner around 5:30-6 and then sometimes I had a bowl of cereal before bed at 9pm. With all that eating, I only gained a pound the first 3 months. I never had any cravings per say but I didn’t meet a hamburger I didn’t like. They tasted so good while pregnant.

James was there for my first appt and we got to hear the heartbeat. Amazing! I felt movement at 16 weeks. It was 5am and a couple quick movements so I wasn’t sure that was in fact what it was until I felt it again at 17 weeks. The baby really started moving at 18 weeks and at 20 weeks the baby was a regular mover and shaker.  We had our first ultrasound on December 12, 2006 and found out -IT’S A BOY!!! James and I had strong feelings we were having a boy so we both started laughing when she told us. I had alot of back pain thru the pregnancy.  I gained a total of 39lbs – I didn’t think I would gain that much but that last 2 weeks of eating out for every meal since we were moving added to that amount I’m sure.

    12 weeks        22 weeks       39 weeks

 Some quotes from James and I early on in the pregancy that struck me as amusing.

 From the day we found out and my theory on why it happened so fast for us. This is what I told James: “God knows I’m not a patient person so he gave us a baby right away so I wouldn’t have to wait”


A few days later: James said “I’m so excited. Why didn’t we do this sooner?” My response, “We wouldn’t have been ready sooner”


About a week after finding out: I said, “I wish it didn’t take 9 months for the baby to get here” James’ response, “We’re gonna need a full 9 months to prepare”


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